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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here we will address known issues and solutions to benefit all parties involved

Q. Why does this site not look the same on every computer used?

A. This site was designed using Google Chrome and coded using CSS3. CSS coding is integrated into all browsers, however some browsers that are outdated or have not integrated the newer code lack the capability to understand CSS3. Internet Explorer has known issues with such things and we highly recommend changing to another browser. This should help not only our site, but many others designed since the early 2000.


Q. Why does the "checkout as guest" option sometimes not appear on the "Checkout" page?

A. The reason this problem sometimes occurs is due to an account (Log In) session being left to expire. Subsequently your local computer browser stores this event in the form of temporary files called “cookies” which must be cleared to resolve the problem. To accomplish this, either sign into an active account, or access your browser options menu and clear the cookies cache.